Mystery Yarn Box 2020 The Year We Won't Forget.

Code: 2020


Who would have thought when the bells rang in the start of 2020, that this year would go down in history for all the wrong reasons. 

The year started with bushfires sweeping through Australia, burning 16.6m hectares and killing 1 billion animals and birds. As if that wasn't bad enough, Covid 19 entered our lives with devastating effect.The pandemic affected us all, we learnt to queue to enter shops, something my mother did in world war 2. We had food shortages due to panic buying, to this day i will never understand why people stock piled toilet paper? We home schooled little ones, re-learning things we had forgotten and things we had no idea about, we baked bread, cakes and biscuits when we could find flour and yeast! Found ways to fill the day that were fun and interesting without the parks, museums, and theme parks etc. Holidays were cancelled, staycations became popular It was also acceptable for some people to work from home in their pj's. we missed seeing our loved ones, babies were born and families waited eagerly for a cuddle. We stood on doorsteps and clapped key workers, thanking them for keeping the wheels of this country turning ....... we baked more bread and cakes! Sales of wine and chocolate increased. We heard about Captain Tom who raised money to help the over worked NHS staff, the community spirit seemed to come back, we helped neighbours who were shielding, delivering shopping and essential supplies for them. Life took on a new meaning, we appreciated the things we took for granted before lockdown. We spent time as a family, playing games and enjoying each others company (most of the time) . I truly hope we will all come out of 2020 stronger and appreciate things we previously  took for granted. 

Each box will contain a 100g skein of yarn that i have not sold before and is a new base. Its a lovely yarn, with a fantastic drape, but it isn't suitable for socks . so please be aware of this when purchasing this box. As usual it will also contain gifts to match the theme.

This yarn is  hand painted using environmentally friendly dyes , And is sourced from either the UK or South America.
The dye Process: We use non-toxic acid dyes .The dye process has very little waste , and all of the dyes are exhausted into yarns before any water is poured away. I use food grade citric acid as setting agent, and rinse with water, to maintain a low impact on the environment. i take care to provide colourfastness, but some bleeding may occur in the first wash.

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