The Four Sundays Of Advent Shawl Box Christmas Food And Traditions In The UK..

The four Sundays of Advent Shawl box was so popular  last year so it’s back again this year , but if you don’t knit socks then this advent of Shawls could be for you . The month of December is a busy time in the run up to Christmas, therefore this will be a gorgeous treat for yourself or a wonderful Christmas/Solstice gift for a creative friend. Advent this year begins on Sunday 1st December.

This year's theme is christmas food and traditions in the UK. Ours christmas food, recipes and traditions in the Uk are very unique, often passed down through generations most families carry on a tradition in one way or another . Some are even centurys old .Christmas cake, Christmas pudding and mince pies are a quintessential part of British Christmas.

The Four Sundays Of Advent Shawl Box Christmas traditions and food.